Gladiator Classes


  • Fights blind(facemask of helm has no eye holes)
  • Full scutum(tower shield), gladius(short sword), helm, arm guard, single shin guard
  • Common matchup: ???


  • Fights with arbelos
  • Arbelos(fist blade thing), gladius, helm, double arm guard, double shin guard
  • Common matchup: retiarius


  • Fights beasts
  • At gladiator’s discretion
  • Common matchup: dafuq do you think?


  • Fist-fighter
  • Cestus(‘brass’ knuckles), leather wrappings
  • Common matchup: other cestus fighters(more often to the death than other matches)


  • Dual wields swords
  • Two swords(various types), various levels of armour
  • Common matchup: heavily armoured opponents and other dimachaeri


  • Heavily armoured(Grecian)
  • Throwing spear, gladius, helm, arm guard, greaves, hoplon(small shield)
  • Common matchup: murmillo or thraex


  • Heavily armoured(Roman)
  • Gladius, scutum, helm, arm guard, shin guard
  • Common matchup: thraex or hoplomachus


  • Middle of the road fighter with a breastplate
  • Gladius, scutum, breastplate, helm, arm guard, greave
  • Common matchup: other provacatores

Retiarius(stigmatized for evasive fighting style)

  • Net fighter
  • Trident, net, dagger, arm guard(left arm)
  • Common matchup: secutor(double in bridge battle)


  • Heavily armoured(Grecian)
  • Sica(sickle-like short sword), parmula(small shield), helm, arm guard, greaves
  • Common matchup: murmillo

Gladiator Classes

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